Esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer is the malignancy formed by abnormal proliferation of esophageal squamous epithelium or glandular epithelium.

Early esophageal cancer usually does not cause symptoms, occasionally with nerve irritation symptom. With disease progression, the frequency of esophageal cancer symptoms will increase, mainly including: foreign body sensation, dysphagia, and pain. However, the initial symptoms are mild and easily overlooked, thereby delaying treatment.

If you want to know the symptoms of early esophageal cancer, please communicate with us immediately, and we will invite esophageal cancer experts to answer your questions.

Five common symptoms of esophageal cancer

Symptom 1: Substernal stuffiness or mild pain.

This symptom does not occur continuously, but intermittently or after fatigue or when eating quickly. The esophagus itself is peristaltic at all times, and this symptom occurs only when the peristalsis reaches the lesion site.

Symptom 2: Foreign body sensation when swallowing food.

During the swallowing process, food (especially dry hard food) passing through the lesion area (of small size) may produce a foreign body sensation, often at the same location. However, because it is mild and intermittent, the symptom is easily ignored.

Symptom 3: Slow swallowing with a sense of retention.

This symptom is mainly manifested as a feeling of retention in a certain part of the patient when swallowing food. This situation is not persistent, but gradually becomes apparent with progression of the disease.

Symptom 4: Chest stuffiness or tightness.

This symptom is often accompanied by a sense of dryness in the throat, with chief complaint of always stuffiness in the front chest, like objects blocked, resulting in constriction sensation in the chest, which is obvious when swallowing food, but it does not affect normal life and work.

Symptom 5: Fullness and mild pain in the precordium, subxiphoid or upper abdomen.

This symptom is more obvious when eating dry hard food, but it does not happen every time and is intermittent.

Friendly reminder from cancer experts of Guangzhou Royallee Cancer Center:Go to a regular hospital for examination in time in case of any suspicious symptoms of esophageal cancer.

If you or your family members or friends have been diagnosed with esophageal cancer, please communicate with us immediately, and we will invite esophageal cancer experts to evaluate your condition and give detailed treatment recommendations.

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