Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer is second only to gastric cancer and esophageal cancer as primary malignant tumor found in the gastrointestinal tract. The disease is mostly found in people above 40 years old with some 15% under 30 and shows higher prevalence in male.

People still don't know much about the its symptoms though it is such a frequently-occurring disease. So cancer experts from Royallee cancer center Guangzhou now acquaint you with Colorectal Cancer manifestations. 

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Manifestations of Colorectal Cancer?

1. Painless Hematochezia:Painless hematochezia is the major signal that the blood in stool is red or bright red, extremely similar to the symptoms of early internal hemorrhoids(pain caused by venous swelling at or inside the anal sphincter). In later stage, the color of the blood is mostly dark red manifested as stools with blood or stools with pus and blood mixed with fecal mucus. Cancer experts suggest a stool occult blood test or rectal palpation when the blood is discovered.

2. Change in Defecation Habit and Stool Shape:Change in defecation habit is another typical symptom of Colorectal Cancer. The existence and secretion of rectal lump produce enteral irritation and lead to frequent defecation desire, incomplete defecation, and tenesmus(an ineffective painful straining to empty the bowels in response to the sensation of a desire to defecate, without producing a significant quantity of faeces). At the same time, abnormalities in stool shape occur like thinner, flatter or grooved faeces. It is advised to go for endoscopy to eliminate the possibility once the symptom arises.

3. Intestinal Obstruction:As the cancer invades the vicinity of the intestinal wall, the intestinal lumen becomes narrow especially at the junction of rectum and sigmoid colon, making it a breeding ground for hard cancer of stenosis type. That often leads to intestinal obstruction. Besides, patients are often attacked by systemic malignant disease due to long-term chronic exhaustion. They may also suffer from unexplained anemia, emaciation, fatigue and loss of appetite.

Furthermore, the cancer often invades the surrounding tissues and organs like bladder and prostate gland, causing conditions such as frequent micturition(the discharge of urine), urgent micturition and urination difficulty. If the cancer invades the lumbosacral plexus, there will be pain in the sacrococcygeal and lumbar areas. Metastasis to the liver results in hepatomegaly, ascites, jaundice, or even malignant fluid and other manifestations. When the above symptoms arise, you should go for in-depth examinations, e.g., ultrasound scan and CT in time.

If you, your family member or your friend is ascertained with Colorectal Cancer, talk to us immediately. Our experts are always there for you, your family member or your friend.

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