Four Silk Banners on September 29! Guangzhou Royallee Cancer Center is Known as a Trusted Institution

Date: 2022-03-25

A gastric cancer patient with severe weight loss has gained 5kg after one month of treatment. His family presented the silk banner: A trusted hospital!

In early August, Ms, Chen, who is a gastric cancer patient, was admitted to our hospital and successfully received a surgery performed by Prof. Liu Haiying. During her stay in the hospital, Dr. Li Xinjun, who was her attending physician, took good care of her and followed up her condition even in his off-duty day.

After regular ward rounds of experts, nutritional support from the nutrition department, and comprehensive care from medical team, she gained 5kg one month after the surgery. She is very well in mentally and physically.

On September 24, her family brought two silk banners with “Noble Medical Ethics, Excellent Medical Skills” and “A Trusted Hospital that Put Life First” on it, and gave them to Prof. Liu Haiying and Director Wang Jiannan to express her thanks.

Well-known as excellent medical skills!

On September 7, a patient with liver cancer underwent partial resection of the left hepatic lobe, and ablation of liver metastasis + TACE in a hospital. The patient was referred to visit Prof. Liu Haiying and was admitted to our hospital.

After relevant examination and multidisciplinary consultation by experts such as Prof. Liu Haiying and Director Wang Jiannan, partial hepatic lobectomy + portal vein thrombectomy after habi4 ablation was successfully performed under general anesthesia. The patient recovered well after treatment and care by the medical team, and was discharged on Sep. 26. It took only one week from surgical treatment to discharge.

A few days before the Mid-autumn Festival, the patient’s family gave Dr. Xi Haofeng a red packet to express their gratitude, but Dr. Xi Haofeng declined with thanks.

Before being admitted to the hospital, the patient felt anxious and psychologically stressed, and often lost his appetite. He loaded off his mind after the treatment, and his appetite came back, which also made his family enormously feel relieved.

On the morning of September 26, the patient’s family brought two silk banners with “Well-known as Excellent Medical Skills” and “Superb Medical Skills like Hua Tuo, Meticulous Nursing Care like Florence Nightingale” on it, and gave them to Prof. Liu Haiying and Director Wang Jiannan to express their thanks.

After receiving the silk banners, Prof. Liu Haiying said, “These silk banners represent the approval from our patients and their families, it will also inspire us to continue to benefit more patients with skilled technology and high-quality medical services”.

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