Good news! Guangzhou Royallee Cancer Center is Qualified as an Designated Medical Insurance Institution and Accesses to the Medical Insurance Settlement inside and outside Guangdong Province

Date: 2022-03-29

On September 17, 2021, Guangzhou Royallee Cancer Center successfully passed the strict inspection and evaluation of the municipal and district social medical insurance management center, became a designated medical institution for ex-situ medical insurance settlement all over China, and achieved the pooling funds of medical insurance.

Be qualified as the designated medical insurance, bring convenience to the public

The approval of medical insurance is not only a recognition of the medical level of the hospital, but also a favorable opportunity to promote the development of the hospital. Our hospital will strictly implement relevant regulations, further standardize the services and procedures, and provide patients with more professional, effective and convenient medical services.

Establish an oncology platform, benefit the public

As a 3A oncology hospital with a high starting point and high standard, Guangzhou Royallee Cancer Center, in line with the purpose of providing individual services for different patients, has been deepening and exploring the service model of creating a brand with excellent service and “patient-first” since its establishment. By referring to top cancer centers at home and abroad, we will provide patients with the world-leading tumor treatment options including new drugs, specific drug, multidisciplinary therapy, and health management throughout the life cycle.

Guangzhou Royallee Cancer Center brings together over 100 oncology experts from top domestic hospitals and appoints authoritative experts as the leaders of the department to build a medical model of oncology-based platform.

Gastrointestinal oncologist Prof. Liu Haiying is good at comprehensive treatment of malignant gastrointestinal tumors such as colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer. He has rich experience in laparoscopic minimally invasive sampling surgery for colorectal cancer through natural orifice, ultra-low anus-preserving surgery for rectal cancer, and MDT treatment. His original creation of phenolic debridement method for the treatment of peritoneal pseudomyxoma has reached the world-leading level, and the first non-contact and bloodless liver resection technique can significantly reduce the recurrence and metastasis rate, and significantly improve the five-year survival rate after liver cancer surgery.

Prof. Wang Jiannan of Hepatobiliary Surgery is good at anatomical hepatectomy of Laennec capsule under endoscope. He has rich experience in radical resection of intrahepatic and extrahepatic biliary tract tumors. He successfully performed portal vein resection during pancreaticoduodenectomy, reconstruction of autologous blood vessels and artificial blood vessels, inferior vena cava resection + artificial blood vessels replacement, abdominal aortic aneurysm resection + artificial blood vessels replacement, liver transplantation, and resection of hepatic lobes. As an academic leader of the key discipline of the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the winner of the “Outstanding Contribution Award for the Academic Development of Breast Diseases in Traditional Chinese Medicine”, Prof. Liu Pengxi of Breast Cancer Surgery serves as the leader of the key Breast Hyperplasia Collaboration Group of the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in the surgical treatment of breast tumors.

Guangzhou Royallee Cancer Center features with Palliative Medicine Center and Health Management Center. As the first palliative medicine center in South China, the Palliative Medicine Center is led by Prof. Wang Jian, Prof. Hao Wenwen and Prof. Ma Lanying. Among them, Prof. Wang Jian, the chief expert of the Palliative Medicine Center of the hospital, is one of the founders of the International Journal of Palliative Medicine “Annals of Palliative Medicine”, and a member of the intractable cancer pain expert group of the Cancer Rehabilitation and Palliative Care Committee of the Chinese Anti-cancer Association. He has been engaged in the treatment of cancer symptom and palliative care in Sun Yat-sen Cancer Center for over 20 years, specializing in the control of refractory cancer pain, the implantation and maintenance of long-term venous access for cancer patients, treatment of complications in cancer patients, social and family support. Royallee Health Management Center, which is committed to helping the public in the whole process and life cycle health management, is led by Prof. Mo Suilin, who is the director of the Physical Examination Center and the Men’s Health Management Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University. He has rich experience in health management, chronic disease management, and the combined treatment of TCM and western medicine.

The detailed process of medical insurance designation:

The insured from inside and outside Guangdong Province, after filing in the insured place and selecting our hospital as the designated hospital for ex-situ medical insurance, can make on-site inpatient reimbursement in our hospital. When the insured is discharged from the hospital, it is acceptable to pay the self-payment expenses only, instead of paying all the expenses and then returning to the insured place for reimbursement.

I. Conditions for on-site settlement of ex-situ inpatient and outpatient (including outpatient general and specific diseases)

1. Complete the registration procedures for medical treatment in advance in the insured place, and the information can be found in the Guangzhou medical insurance system (registration procedures are already exempted in some cities; it is allowed that emergency inpatient can apply for direct settlement of trans-provincial hospitalization expenses in some areas; please refer to the regulations of the local government for details.).

2. With a valid medical insurance ID, the insured outside the Guangzhou Province must obtain a qualified social security card at the insured place and present the “Registration Form of the Trans-provincial Ex-situ Medical Treatment of ×× Province (District, City)”.

3. The insured must be from the area where the internet settlement has been accessed to the Guangdong province.

II. Materials required for direct reimbursement of hospitalization

The insured within the Guangdong province: social security card, valid ID (household register is allowable for children);

The insured outside the Guangdong province: second-generation social security card, “Registration Form of the Trans-provincial Ex-situ Medical Treatment of ×× Province (District, City)” (if applicable).

Please present the above materials when going through admission procedures and discharge settlement.

III. Regulations on reimbursement

The scope and charging standards of the basic medical insurance drugs, treatment items and medical facilities should refer to the Guangzhou Medical Insurance Catalogue. The starting payment standard, payment ratio and maximum payment limit of medical insurance should refer to the policy of the insured place.

Except for the original medical insurance price, the part that is independently priced by the hospital and the independent items of the hospital are not included in the medical insurance settlement.

In case of any question, please consult the local medical insurance department or our hospital’s contact number: 400-0086-222.

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