The “Like” from U.S. Consular Officer : RoyalLee Feels Like A Local Hospital in USA

Date: 2022-05-25

On 11th May, Economic Consular Officer Matthew Steed of U.S.Consulate General Guangzhou, Officer Assistant Tara Li and other 3 retinues visited Royallee Cancer Center and had exchanges with the management. Executive Manager Wang Nan and Manager Yuan Mengqi of Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City(SSGKC) Investment and Development Co., Ltd. also came along to give the tour. The visiting group met with President Wang jichen and Vice President Zhang Yunhong and got a warm welcome from them.

Then the visiting group toured around the Center in the company of Royallee team and learned about the equipment, specialties, advanced techniques and other aspects of the Center. Mr. Steed spoke highly of the surroundings, equipment, and patient-centered concept in his tour across the Center. Knowing that Royallee has formulated its global strategy, he pointed out that it has reached the standard American high-end medical providers stick with, and that empowers the Center to offer premium service to patients worldwide who are seeking quality medical providers.

Royallee Cancer Center aspires to be a global trustworthy high-end medical provider by normalizing JCI(Joint Committee International) practice and building commercial insurance network. To ensure barrier-free communication with our clients, a multilingual team is also high on the agenda. Now, our multilingual team can communicate with English-speaking, Russian, Arabian, French, Japanese, Spanish, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai clients. More importantly, we highly value diverse religious beliefs patients hold and guarantee they manifest these beliefs as they did before.

After the tour, Mr. Steed noted that he hoped to see strengthened cooperation and exchanges between Royallee and MD Anderson or other famous anti-cancer institute in US. At the same time, he expressed his willingness to contribute his part in Sino-US medical exchanges. These words motivate Royallee team to extend international medical cooperation and transform itself into a world-class high-end medical provider.

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