Environment & climate and ward configuration

The hospital is located in Sino-Singapore Knowledge City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, about 40 kilometers away from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. It takes about 40 minutes to drive from the airport to the hospital. Guangzhou is located in the subtropical zone, with an annual average temperature of 22.8°C.

Translation service

We have a professional translation team in English, Thai, Indonesian, Filipino and other languages, to provide patients with medical report translation, outpatient and inpatient translation, and accompanying translation services.

Meal service

We have professional nutritionists to match meals. We respect the differences in dietary habits of different countries, and some wards are equipped with self-service kitchen, where patients or their families can make their favorite meals.

Internet service

There is free dedicated WIFI in the hospital, which allows patients to freely connect to the Internet and social media at home and abroad. Patients can keep in touch with their families at any time. For domestic patients, search the WIFI with name of "Royallee", and enter the verification code to log in; for foreign patients, please consult the nurse or customer service staff about connecting to overseas networks.

Business service

1、Assistance with visa extension/change; ②Airline ticket reservations/reschedule/application for special registration services;
2、Copy, fax, and scan;
3、3.Assistance with hotel reservation.

Umbrellas available

To borrow umbrella, please register at the service desk in the lobby on the 1st floor with the wristband or room number and patient information.

Flower ordering and greeting service

If you want to celebrate a holiday or send flowers to your hospitalized friends, we can pre-order flowers for you to deliver to the ward.

Express storage service

There are HIVE BOX express cabinets at the east gate of the hospital for delivery and storage.

Religious service

We respect the religious beliefs of the patients, and provide a place to pray. We can also help the patients to connect with the surrounding churches. For details, please dial 100 for consultation.

Return visit service

After the patient is discharged from the hospital, the staff will follow up the patient's treatment and recovery from time to time through visits, emails or phone calls, and provide related services, as well as reminding the patient to return on time.

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