Medical insurance policy

Guangzhou Royallee Cancer Center has officially obtained the qualifications of Guangzhou medical insurance and national (intra-provincial and out-of-province) medical insurance on September 17, 2021.

Royallee Cancer Center is a tertiary hospital with “big designated outpatient service” of Guangzhou medical insurance. At present, the settlement system has been fully operational, and the medical insurance expenses of the insured are directly settled, which truly realizes the goal of “making people run less errands by making more use of information networks”.

Medical insurance process

The insured shall enjoy the medical insurance benefits for inpatient, outpatient specific items (designated chronic diseases) and general outpatient and emergency treatment according to regulations. For the first time for general outpatient and emergency, outpatient, outpatient of chronic diseases, outpatient of special diseases and inpatient medical treatment, please go through the relevant procedures according to the regulations. Please follow the procedures below for the specific medical settlement.

Employees with medical insurance of Guangzhou can also use their medical deposit amount of the personal account, which makes it more convenient to seek medical advice.

The national medical insurance code of our hospital isH44011201293,and the non local medical insurance code is 4400001011334 。The insured can inquire and handle the registration of medical treatment in other places through the national government service platform.


1、If the insured in different places has questions about the reimbursement ratio of medical insurance at each level, or the relevant medical insurance policies, they can contact the local medical insurance center for consultation.

2、 In general, matters such as selection, diagnosis, approval, and change during the medical treatment process at Guangzhou Royallee Cancer Center, can be handled directly in our hospital through the medical insurance system, without the need for the insured to visit the medical insurance center in person. If you encounter problems in the process of medical treatment, you can consult online, or go to our hospital customer service department for understanding and feedback.

3、 As the current direct settlement of medical expenses within the province and across provinces is affected by local policies, the function of the information system is not completely stable. In case of problems for temporarily unable to settle directly, we will promptly feedback to the relevant departments. Please wait patiently for our notice, and cooperate with our hospital to actively report the relevant issues to the social (medical) insurance institution in the insured place. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

4、 This promotional material is a summary, please refer to the original medical insurance policy for details. In case of any discrepancy or policy adjustment, please refer to the latest published policy.

Royallee Cancer Center, customer service hotline: 400-0086-222
Royallee Cancer Center, medical insurance office tel.:22321620
Guangzhou medical insurance center tel.: 12345

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