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About Hirundo

Hirundo Optics In is found by a team with 20 years fiber optic industry experience. "Hirundo" in the logo stands for Spring swallow. The company name takes its cue from swallow symbolism from China-Arrival of Spring and upcoming prosperous opportunities for everyone.

Hirundo has wide range of solutions of passive optic network for customer which includes C/DWDM, FBT coupler, PLC splitter, Isolator, circulator, optical switch, AWG, patch-cords, MTP/MPO jumper, PM optical devices and others. Full service can be provided for the FTTH, 5G, DCI solutions.

Hirundo is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and full range products are RoHS, CE compliance.

To serve the society with technology and become a trusted and widely respected global outstanding enterprise

The belief of being market-oriented, responding quickly, being an ideal enterprise, and performing all tasks with ideals

Forge ahead and make concerted efforts; Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction

Diligence&optimism, positivity&innovation, equality&respect, growth&sharing

Hirundo Production Line Layout

  • Product Category 8 Types+
  • Industry experience 20 Years+
  • OEM/ODM Cases 100+
  • Industry experience200+
Corporate philosophy

The relationship between the enterprise and its employees

With progress, common growth and common destiny, the development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the growth of its employees. The growth of employees is the basis for the development of an enterprise. A strong enterprise is the result of employees' efforts, and a strong enterprise is the dependence of employees' happiness.

Enterprise and customer

Customer first, quality first, honest and responsible, go all out.

The concept of cooperation between the enterprise and the supply chain

Cooperate, coexist and prosper together, and establish a mutually beneficial partnership.